Ants are a year round pest.



The Challenge

Heat sources, moisture sources, and food sources are all in abundance indoors.  Once an ant finds one of these sources in your home, other ants can follow its chemical trail, quickly leading to an infestation.  So, too, can ants build destructive colonies in and around lawns and ornamental plants.  Do-it-yourself methods typically only kill the ants you can see, leaving the vast majority of the colony unharmed and doing little to prevent re-infestation.


The Solution

The first step to combating an ant infestation is a thorough inspection.  An Extermco Pest Control professional will determine what, exactly, is attracting your ants and will then locate the source colony.  Your professional will implement a treatment plan tailored to your situation and discuss ways in which you can reduce or eliminate common causes of ant infestations.  Whether it’s eliminating fire ants from your yard, getting rid of black ants from your kitchen, or removing an ant colony from underneath your home, Extermco can get it done.

Facts about ants


There are lots of them

The weight of all the ants on Earth is roughly equal to the combined weight of all the people on Earth, a total biomass of roughly 350 million tons.


Ants are farmers

Many species of ants actively farm fungus as a source of food.  They even employ sophisticated farming methods, including using manure to improve yields.


Some ants are fairly large

Not all ant species are small.  The African Driver Ant averages just over 2 inches in length, and the largest ever ant, Titanomyrma giganteum, had a 6 inch wingspan.

Ants are attracted to sources of moisture and foodstuffs, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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