Mice and rats spread disease and can damage your home.

Mice & Rats


The Challenge

Rodents are intelligent pests whose keen awareness of their surroundings and tendency to nest in tight, hard-to-reach places often makes them difficult to eliminate with over-the-counter traps and baits.  Mice and rats can quickly cause costly damages to property, burrowing through walls and baseboards, chewing into wires, and contaminating foodstuffs.  Importantly, rodents spread diseases and parasites and contribute to allergies and asthma through shedding.  Unfortunately, mice and rats are prodigious breeders who increase their numbers year around.


The Solution

The first step to combating an infestation of mice and rats is a thorough inspection.  An Extermco Pest Control professional will determine what, exactly, is attracting your rodents and will locate their nests.  Your professional will implement a treatment plan tailored to your situation and discuss ways in which you can reduce or eliminate common causes of mice and rat infestations.  Whether it’s eliminating mice from your kitchen or getting rid of rats from an attic or storage area, Extermco can get it done.

Facts about rodents


They spread disease

Mice and rats have been found to spread over 200 different diseases.  In fact, mice are blamed for spreading the plague that eventually killed hundreds of millions of Europeans.


They're extremely destructive

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, rodents alone are responsible for the destruction of as much as 35 billion dollars worth of crops and produce annually worldwide.


No space is too small

An average adult mouse or rat can squeeze their entire body through a space no larger than the width of a dime.

Mice and rats spread disease and cause damage to homes.

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