Mosquitoes are a leading carrier of disease.



The Challenge

Mosquitoes are carriers for some of the most problematic diseases in both undeveloped and developed countries.  West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and Malaria, three of the diseases most commonly spread by mosquitoes, resulting in millions of deaths each year.  Beyond the risks of spreading disease, mosquitoes also deliver uncomfortable bites to people and pets.  Unfortunately, the areas around a home often host prime areas for mosquito reproduction.  Gutters, flower pots, ponds, and drainage ditches are all examples of areas that attract mosquito populations.


The Solution

The first step to combating a mosquito infestation is a thorough inspection.  An Extermco Pest Control professional will determine what, exactly, is attracting your mosquitoes and will mitigate or eliminate these sources.  Your professional will implement a treatment plan tailored to your situation and discuss ways in which you can reduce or eliminate future causes of mosquito infestation.  Whether it’s eliminating mosquitoes from your yard for an entire summer or eliminating mosquitoes in preparation for an outdoor wedding, barbecue, or other event, Extermco can get it done.

Facts about mosquitoes


They're deadly

Mosquitoes are easily the deadliest species on Earth, killing more humans every year than the deaths caused by every other species combined.


Mosquitoes are excellent hunters

An adult mosquito can smell the carbon dioxide produced by breathing mammals up to 100 feet away.  The mosquito will fly through the CO2 cloud until she finds her meal.


They require water to reproduce

Just an inch of water is all it takes for mosquito larva to develop.  Bird baths, gutters, potted plants, and drainage ditches are just a few of the common breeding grounds for these pests.

Extermco can treat for mosquitoes at your outdoor event.

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