Spiders are a common year round pest.



The Challenge

The sheer number of different spider species, with their differing preferences for humidity and temperature, and the fact that all spiders shun direct light mean that dealing with some spider infestations is challenging.  Like Asian Beetles, spiders are considered a “beneficial” pest around homes in that they reduce other pest populations.  This benefit, however, is usually no consolation to homeowners looking to eliminate these crawling insects.


The Solution

The first step to combating a spider infestation is a thorough inspection.  An Extermco Pest Control professional will determine what, exactly, is attracting your spiders and will eliminate any webs.  Your professional will implement a treatment plan tailored to your situation and discuss ways in which you can reduce or eliminate common causes of spider infestations.  Whether it’s eliminating common black spiders from a front porch or removing brown recluses from a closet, Extermco can get it done.

Facts about spiders


Spiders don't have muscles

Spiders don’t have muscles in their legs.  Rather, spiders move their legs through hydraulic mechanics, which is why you can kill a spider and still see its legs contract.


Their egg sacs are stuffed

Female spiders lay their eggs in woven sacs, with many species’ sacs containing as many as 3,000 baby spiders.


You're probably scared of them

Arachnophobia is among the most common phobias in the world.  According to USA Today, arachnophobia ranks just below public speaking in a list of peoples’ fears.

Spiders are a common year round pest.

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