Pest Control



We offer the highest quality residential service. With many options of service to cater to everyone, Extermco can get any issue taken care of.



No matter how large or small your business may be, we have a service that can benefit your company. With thousands of commercial services done by Extermco, we have the knowledge to solve any issue you may have.



With any restaurant we know that cleanliness is a main priority. With Extermco servicing your restaurant you can be sure that you will never have an insect or rodent issue to worry about.

Household Insects


With our top of the line interior and exterior service done every trip to your home, you can rest assured household pest like roaches, wasp, silverfish, ants, mice, and rats are taken care of.

Special Services


We know time to time you will have an issue that will take more care than others and that is why we are here. Call us today to ask us about issues you may be having with brown recluse, black widows, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, fire ants, and bed bugs.

Exclusion Work


Extermco even offers exclusion work for rodents and bats. We can make sure your home is sealed off to anything trying to make its way in. We offer trapping of certain wildlife and bat removal. Call us today if you are having an issue.